I couldn’t start my blog with a better content for the first post: My own wedding!
My wedding has been one of the most exciting and beautiful experiences in my life. After 15 years of work related to weddings, I never imagined the wedding day could be so wonderful and that I would enjoy it as much as I did. I had always wondered how did it feel to be a bride, and after becoming one myself, I really understood how the brides that I help every day feel before, during and after the wedding.

Read on and let me tell you my prep in detail and the look I chose for the day.

832 - JC__0952Those who work in direct contact with the customer and take care of their image often have no time for themselves, especially when you work in the wedding industry and decide to get married during the wedding season. It wasn’t easy for me to handle my work, taking care of ‘my brides’, while planning my own wedding. I needed a little help to go through it calmly and for that I chose Marta Cea. She took care of my pre-wedding beauty care and took the stress away. Her soothing massages, facials and other treatments allowed me to feel relaxed and beautiful, which is actually my ultimate goal at work and the feelings I try to pass on to my brides every day. Now I really know how decisive beauty treatments are to get a flawless skin and shine at your wedding. Furthermore, she brought me moments of peace and respite away from day-to-day life: essential moments for a bride to be.

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033 - M3__8809I opted for a wedding dress from Oh que luna!. I met Pilar and María at a photo shoot in Galicia and instantly connected with them. We got on very well from the beginning, which is vital when it comes to choosing the professionals who are going to take care of your wedding look. I’ll never forget my little chats with Pilar, while enjoying a cup of wine, discussing the Eastern culture that we both admire.
We enjoyed the making of the wedding dress just like kids, and the result was just amazing. If I have to bring back a moment that would be the one where took my red umbrella into the atelier and I attracted everyone’s attention.
It was an unconventional dress; the kind of dress that reveals the bride’s true character. It fitted me like a glove; it was light, comfortable and highlighted all the parts of my body that I love the most.

361 - M3__9417364 - M3__9429130 - M3__9043370 - M3__9453I wanted to carry some flowers with an Eastern touch. Javier Castedo from Masshiro was the right person to create something delicate and non-traditional for me. I decided not to carry a bouquet, so that I could easily hug all my beloved guests, yet I wanted to carry something that reminded me of nature: its colours, fragrances, its beauty and energy… And how did they manage? They created a small floral decoration and clipped it to the dress sash, along with a hair pin full of orchids for my head.

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My team took care of everything: relaxation, skin preparation, makeup, hairstyling… They made me feel and look so beautiful; the same that I do with ‘my brides’. Marta and Montse, thank you for your help.
Firstly, Marta gave me a soothing massage to keep me calm all day long, then she prepared my skin to apply some makeup. These are the cosmetics I chose for the day: Maestro by Armani (liquid foundation), Hot Sand by Nars (illuminator) and Dragon Girl by Nars (lip pencil). And a ‘doll eye effect’ mascara! The look was amazing—natural, bright and contoured—and had that Japanese air that I looked for.
For my wedding ceremony, Montse style my hair inspired by geishas’ hairstyle, in line with my Asian-looking makeup. For the reception, I just let my hair down and wore a natural and wavy hairstyle.

303 - JC__0305

306 - M3__9364

Regarding my earrings, I knew from the beginning what I was to wear. In fact, I designed them myself.
I bought some turquoise stones at Minerales Natura, one of my favourite crystal shops. I charged them with positive energy and attached two red tassels (that Pilar from Oh que luna! gave to me) to them. I’m used to wearing long drop earrings but for my wedding I even went for longer ones!

The most important thing for a bride is to feel stunning and satisfied with the whole look.
It is also very pleasant to enjoy those little moments during prep with the professionals who take care of yourself on that day.
Thank you all!
Photographs by Alma Fotografía.

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